What’s up with ISLabs ?

I quite enjoyed reading the banter on ISLabs.co.za although some if it was a bit too facebooky and sillyconny for my taste. So I haven’t been there in a while….

However, tonight I came across http://www.islabs.co.za/justinspratt/2010/03/powerful-common-anecdote-startups whilst googling and thought, hey, let me check up whats happing at ISLabs…

And then came across a lot of spam comments about underwear, garden furniture, and shopping cart software. All acclaiming to the valuable “posting” and “fast content” and great information on ISLabs.co.za. And of course with a link to some external website.

So I decided to look around some more and found more comments. All SPAM. “College grants”, “Mortgages” etc etc. In fact, ISLabs.co.za seems pretty much to be a spam comment haven, and not much else…

I guess a site with 6/10 pagerank is just a kind of magnet for these things. “SEO” indeed 😉

Look I get a lot of spam comments on this blog too, but that’s why I akismet them and approve all comments manually. My view is that a website is defunct if nobody cares about spammers posting crap on it anymore, and this seems to have been going on for a while now…

It also appears that not much is happening on ISLabs anymore, and theres hardly been any new content since November 2010. Is 2011 just not the year of clever ideas anymore ? Has the taps run dry ?

Is it perhaps time to shut the labs down ? Or, at least, have a look at revisiting the comment posting policy ?

Author: roelf on March 25, 2011
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