A collection if things I work on.

  1.  Compile farm, or “I should have done this long ago…”
  2.  MyWireless/IPWireless Linux Drivers, or “An open source driver for IPWireless’s USB modems”…
  3. Tribes Vengeance, or “yay, here goes another 3 years of playing Tribes.” (or __not__)
  4. DefenseTurret, or “hey, wasn’t Tribes2 cheat-free?”
  5. Legends, or “I liked Tribes2 so much, I helped write the same game using the same engine”
  6. The Fridge, or “A nightclub”
  7. BGP Information, or “how the hell to decide if a route is .za local?”
Author: roelf on February 10, 2009