The end of Java, or Praise JESUS!

After today’s verdict around Google infringing on Oracle’s Java, there is a telling quote:

Oracle, the nine million Java developers, and the entire Java community thank the jury for their verdict in this phase of the case. The overwhelming evidence demonstrated that Google knew it needed a license and that its unauthorized fork of Java in Android shattered Java’s central write once run anywhere principle. Every major commercial enterprise — except Google — has a license for Java and maintains compatibility to run across all computing platforms.

And there we have it.

If you care about software freedom, and ESPECIALLY the freedom of retaining control of the environment (VM) in which your language operates, then it’s best to DITCH JAVA NOW.

It’s kinda funny that Oracle sued one of the biggest users of it’s language.

I predict that one shall see a bit of a turnaround at Google over the next few years when it comes to choice of language.

I also predict, that as previously predicted, the Apache Software Foundation shall be rethinking some things.

That is all.

Author: roelf on May 8, 2012
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