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Back in July of 2012, I bitched about the unavailability of a song by Voice of Destruction called “Caught in the Act” that was available via Grooveshark, but not if you had a magically retarded South African credit card or IP address.

Reelix, an upstanding anonymous citizen which apparently reads my blog sent me the following email at around that time, in response to my post:

“I will make it my life’s mission to find a pirate copy of this
particular MP3 and publicly post it here you fuckwit, numbskulled
record industry dumbfucks.”

Life Mission: Complete. (reelix)

He then continued to attach a copy of said MP3 downloaded from Grooveshark to said e-mail, for which thanks are due.

Thus, this is a somewhat belated post, but — thank you Reelix, anonymous contributor of music for the masses. 
Your fortuitous response to my plea, and consideration for my life’s mission earns you my undying pirate gratitude.

I now present as per promise in my previous post, for your gratuitous piracy and contempt of stupid record label business models:

VOD, Caught in the Act, Digital Dance Mix

Once again, I’m cunningly “live streaming” the song, which really just means I’m hiding it from stupid automated copyright infringement scrapers (the likes of which have had their phasers set to higher than stun at this site for a long time), within a .xspf file. It’s stupid, I *know*, but it works.

Go figure.

In theory, none of you can pirate the song now, since it’s a live stream, right? Riiiiight…

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