Musical education and “interference”

To start off — A classic romantic song. Something to appease the brain with. Something to make you refocus. Something to make you forget about the noise in your life, and think about what’s important.

Honestly I cannot think of anything better than Andrew Eldritch (Sisters of Mercy) and the following song: “Under the gun”. Terri Nun is the girl doing backing vocals. Eldritch had a preference for hiring vocalists, guitarist and other band members in order to just make a single song. This did not make him popular all the time. But it certainly worked.

Eldritch was hard on his musicians. He is a perfectionist. Over the course of the Sisters’ existence he went through nine band members. Every video made was painstakingly constructed to his specification. It didn’t make him popular with his band members, but he rolled ahead regardless. And the results show. The man is a musical genius.

This educational post has got a bit of a “gothic” slant to it. Eldritch hated being labeled as goth, or for being labeled as the “father” of the genre.

And that — I have to agree with. Goth, is simply not a label. It is merely a dark state of mind that many people experience. Some of them longer than others. It is a lovely, dark, imaginative place to be. Every teenager should experience it in my mind. I still make space for that state of mind regularly. It puts perspective on the world.

Many parents freak out when their children “turn to the dark side”, but having had the experience, and being involved in the Gothic scene I can honestly say that the only thing that parents have to fear is themselves, and their prejudice.

I was classified “gothic” for a long time, but for me it was simply a state of mind. Not a “look”.

However, if you’ve never put on some tight leather pants, thrown on a loose fitting cotton shirt, struggled with your eighteen-up Doc Martins and applied some black nail varnish, and then proceeded to have some deep conversations about love, live and death over a bottle of wine — then you haven’t lived. It was not about the look. It was simply about the rebellion and romance of it all.

Apparently, when Sisters of Mercy opened for Depeche Mode, with “Ribbons”, they had to wait half an hour for the crowd to calm down. The embedded version of Ribbons below, is audio only since most of the liver versions on youtube are just really crap. Incoming!

If you don’t own “A slight case of Overbombing”, then about now would be the time to go Amazon it.

The next song is by “The 69 Eyes”. They’re a Finnish band, and epitomize everything in a modern  “Goth” band. They’ve taken the Gothic genre, combined it with good quality music, and vocals without trying to be too pretentious.  Some of their older video’s such as “Wasting the Dawn” did have a bit too many girls “sowing the seeds” for my liking but the quality of their current music is a testament to their evolution.

I want hair like that fucking drummer!

“The Chair” — “The 69 Eyes”.

Finally, and this isn’t really gothic, but just brilliant musicianship.

Were you under the impression that Marilyn Manson was simply a talentless dolt, trying to impress teenagers across the world?


If Tim Skold, and an accoustic version of (gasp) Justin Timberlake’s song “What goes around comes around” does not impress you then I guess you’re a BeeGee’s fan. This cover clearly shows Manson’s vocal abilities. And of course there is simply no disputing Tim Skold’s capabilities as a musician, but that’s is worth a post on it’s own. This cover simply kicks the pants off the original. What are the chances of Justin Timberlake ever covering a Marilyn Manson song ? Hmm… Yeah. By the way this song was recorded in a radio station after an interview with Skold and Manson. Not shabby for an impromptu performance.

Marilyn Manson – accoustic cover of “What goes around comes around” by Justin Timberlake.

So, to tie up with the “interference” portion in the title of this post. To any would-be or current parent. Don’t interfere. Darkness is a fact of life. It’s better that your children get exposed to it, and learn how to deal with than to attempt to interfere by “hiding” it.

In the end, they’re going to find out the following:

We all enter this world in the same way: naked; screaming; soaked in blood. But if you live your life right, that kind of thing doesn’t have to stop there.’” — Dana Gould, via jwz.

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