Keyboards Suck

Keyboards suck. I hate them. I will personally give the person who invents a better mechanism of interacting with a computer (input wise) a medal.

Ideally, I think it needs to be something like a skull plug. Or an integrated neural/chip setup, such as THIS thing:



I sit in front of a computer a lot. I can handle pretty much anything about it, the stiff neck, the sore legs even the blurred vision after hours and hours of staring at a screen. What I cannot handle is my thumbs and fingers literally spasming due to too much Ctrl-V, Ctrl-C, :wq, and alt-tabbing. I’ve gone to extremes. I’ve remapped the oddest keys on my keyboard to fit more use functions, just to avoid a thumb busting ctrl-c combination. I’ve trained myself to use both hands for shift states, and alt-key combinations. I avoid the mouse.

But it still sucks.

I want a skullplug. Or a telepathetic link. Or something. Anything! As longs as it’s not mechanical. In fact, if they were ever to announce “skull-plug beta testing” I’d pretty much kill anyone that stands between me, and the “numero uno” position at the door of the beta testing clinic.

Author: roelf on December 27, 2007
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