ISLabs reboot?

In March this year,  I complained about how ISLabs seemed to have become defunct, and had become a haven for spam comments.

A few weeks later some of it was cleaned up.

But it seems that now ISLabs has completely rebooted ?

No more content at all, all ye olde stuff be-gone, and it pretty much appears to be a reset of the original drupal installation? It’s a pity. I believe in the durability of web content (except of course, for spam).

I hate it when URL’s disappear. Of course, part of the reason I think it’s disappeared is because people like Justin Spratt are no longer tending to these things, and thus the drive is gone.

Oh well. All things come to an end I guess. /me listens to the rustling of the leaves.


Author: roelf on August 5, 2011
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