Holy cow

I just found this picture again

Ruben has now officially been computing for nearly 8 years. He was around two in this picture, and playing Tribes 2 !

The beer, I believe is mine. I think.

Author: roelf on July 13, 2012
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2 responses to “Holy cow”
  1. The beer next to him is far more telling 😉 — Like father like son — appreciating the finer things in life!

  2. roelf says:

    [2012/07/13 03:14:54 AM] Roelf Diedericks: check out this picture: http://rodent.za.net/files/galleries/cleanup/IM000282.sized.jpg
    [2012/07/13 11:06:40 AM] ruben diedericks: ok
    [2012/07/13 11:07:39 AM] ruben diedericks: whos is it
    [2012/07/13 11:11:35 AM] ruben diedericks: it is me??
    [2012/07/13 11:11:47 AM] ruben diedericks: heehehe

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