Frigging awesome

I’m ecstatic to point at Internet Solutions’ new cloud offerings, powered by Neology of course.

Awesome project, and great experience.

Openstack rocks.

Author: roelf on October 10, 2013
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2 responses to “Frigging awesome”
  1. Robby says:

    Hi Roelf, packages offered are not very useful – low disk and bandwidth are going to limit what can be done with these. There’s no Centos OS option and I can’t make any ‘customise’ changes ( is this a website or browser issue or normal? ). I’m not a big fan of Afrihost but take a look at their offerings for better options ( up to 4vCPU, 500GB disk and 500GB traffic ).

  2. roelf says:

    These are launch offerings only, and thus the customisation options are a bit limited. They will grow soon. CentOS will be supported shortly as well.

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