Emile van Bergen – RADIUS God.

I’ve been working with OpenRADIUS for nearly four  years now. I build high-availability and carrier grade RADIUS stuff with it. And I can only endow respect, and “I’m not worthy’s” unto it’s creator: Emile van Bergen,

I chose OpenRADIUS when Neology started, for a number of reasons:

1.  It extends like Apache. With FastCGI, except better.
2. The behaviour language allows me to do pretty much anything. It’s like Assembler.
3.  Emile took the UNIX paradigm of programming, and applied it to RADIUS.
4. The proxy code is phenomenal.
5. Dictionary support is excellent, and adding new ones, a cinch.

OpenRADIUS is like the GAS of RADIUS. I won’t recommend it to any newbie in trying to get things going, but as I’ve  had to add more features, and plumb more cleverness into OpenRADIUS I keep looking back at the days when I researched things like FreeRADIUS, and just cannot believe the quality of OpenRADIUS from as produced (largely) by single developer. The website, isn’t too snazzy, but the documentation is brilliant. I think Emile is so tied up with making a living that the project sometimes suffers from not enough marketing and “bling”, but then again, I prefer technical information above flashy logos and useless wiki’s full of cookbooks.

Ik til m’n hoed voor u, Heer van Bergen.

Author: roelf on June 18, 2009
Category: Unix Development
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  1. Erik Thiart says:

    Do you still prefer open radius over free radius?

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