East Africa connectivity rocks

So here I am, sitting in Kampala, Uganda — writing a post whilst streaming my music collection from home…

And it works. Amazingly well.

Sure, I’m on the backend of a a 5mbps Wimax CPE connect to an Airspan WiMAX network, and I”m connecting to a base station 7kms away from my hotel.

The network is optimised with seriously badass caching, bandwidth management, and sattelite acceleration and compression that my company Neology has deployed.

And it rocks. Aside from the latency (which cannot be avoided until Seacom lands in Kampala next month) I have a better connection than I normally have at home.

I wish all ISP’s would focus on the little tiny details that make stuff work….

For example, we’ve developed software that makes the provisioning of a WiMAX CPE painless. And it’s only 2.25mb and a single .exe and contains the firmware for the modem!

Want a static IP address ? Simply buy one of Tangerine’s Silver packages at a CAP and speed that suits you.

Aside from Internet Slowlutions on South Africa, it’s a fairly unfound product in the South African market.

Caps ? No. All product simply throttle you to half-speed after having reached a (very gratuitous) cap of 10Gig or so.

And this is all over satellite. One of the most expensive uplink mechanisms in the world. And the economics make sense.

It makes me grumble about the pricing in South Africa.

Author: roelf on May 16, 2009
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