Compex WP18/IXP425 Port Completed

I’ve spent most of December hacking on an Intel IXP425 device, and I must say, I’m rather amazed at the performance these little things pump out. Mikrotik needs to forget about the Mips architecture. It’s outdated and performs crappily. I’ve tested this little board clocking over 80Mbps ROUTED traffic between interfaces.

The PCengines WRAP, and Routerboard 532 is dead. Intel IXP425+ is where it’s at. You cannot find another chipset with integrated VLAN support, hardware crypto acceleration, integrated USB, I2C, and all the other fancies for the same price.

The device I ported to OpenWRT and registered in the ARM machine registry is the Compex WP18 a very nice general purpose network and wireless device.

Author: roelf on January 2, 2007
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