CanTennae: A cheap way to improve MyWireless signal strength.

A Cantenna is a homemade antenna using a coffee can, or even a Pringles can. These are typically called “WaveGuide” antennae since they guide/focus the waves.

This section will be expanded once I take some time to complete it. In the meantime, there are some pictures available here:

Since MyWireless generally uses the same frequency as 802.11 kit, any 802.11 antenna design should suffice.

A lot of marvelous, yet highly experimental information about CanTennae is available at

This is what my Cantenna design was based off.

The best kind of antenna for MyWireless is a *directional* antenna, since it allows you to improve your return signal to the base station.


Cabling from your antenna is very important. You can calculate how much signall loss there is in the cable by using this calculator

LMR195 seems to be used quite often, but over a 15m stretch of LMR195 you will lose 9db. LMR400 is more expensive, but over the same length will only lose 3dB

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