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 Dawn of the Zombies

May 25, 2010

If you haven’t played Left4Dead, or Left4Dead2 or haven’t watched Dawn of the Dead, then you are simply silly.

I have never had so much fun in multi player online gaming as I’ve had since Left4Dead. Actually I did, in Tribes2. But that’s an era that’s passed (now re-invigorated by Tribes:Ascend).

“The Man Comes Around” song by Cash, is simply incredible. Especially when augmented by a view of the blood of lots and lots and lots of zombies sprayed on your computer screen.

Cash’s lyrics simply makes Armageddon sound like it’s the most romantic and enticing thing on earth. Johnny Cash’s covers are awesome. Honestly, I never thought I’d say that about some guy that lived and made music in an era I didn’t really know about.

“Hurt” is an unknown classic — so underground that you would probably only know about if you wore stockings, tape, and sported black hair in the early nineties, and lived underground and after midnight because it was the “right thing to do”. Or, maybe you bought lots of NiN albums because it was cool.

I did a lot of that — the wearing stockings thing at least… I was also a NightClubOwner. I still meet people in my professional life these days that bring that up and mock me. I wore stockings. I wore duct tape. They considered it weird. meh…. At least I have some stories to tell. They have… Oh, a few years wasted…

I simply look at those days as a seven year hobby. Non-profitable. But extremely enjoyable… It was the most memorable time in my life.

How many 38-year-olds can say they ran an alternative nightclub for 7 years? Fuck — it was my fantasy come true. And I didn’t even have to die the way that Lolly did with all that blood and bullets and shit…

Of course, there’s “Personal Jesus”, by Cash as well:

I can honestly say that by the time Johnny Cash died, he really completed the full, utter and true artistic depth that any artist could strive for.

A true legend. As are the artists he covered. Old learning from the new, and all that jazz…

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 Musical Education, seriously revisited.

May 3, 2010

One of of my first educational posts. Now, revisted.

Get some Fad Gadget.

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