The pinnacle of FPS gaming

Just came across an old archive of movies, and recordings from my Tribes2 days, and yikes. I’m surprised that nothing has really matched it (ok, left4dead was pretty cool).

Tribes2 was simply the ultimate in fast paced, free space motion, fps action, team play. And if you wanted to be a simple engineer doing (important) menial repair work — it had a place for you too.

This was all shot by Yavor from real ingame footage.

Yavor rocked with movie making. As did Tribes and Tribes2.

I guess my question is — why hasn’t anything really reached this kind of scale, and action ? I mean, it is 7 years later after all..

*sob* I need something decent to play.

Author: roelf on December 16, 2010
Category: Internet
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  1. R says:

    Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Team Fortress 2 are the closest to the sort of gameplay that Tribes provided for me.

    .. no jet packs though 🙁

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