MyWireless/IPWireless P1C USB Modem Drivers for Linux

I wrote a Linux device driver for the IPWireless USB modem that has been included since kernel 2.5 

These can now be found at

I also have some old archives, and collections of tools, firwmare and an alternative driver which was written by some guys for Woosh in New Zealand over here.

The device driver was written by painstakingly reverse engineering the Windows driver using USBSnoopy.

Author: roelf on November 19, 2006
Category: Unix Development
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2 responses to “MyWireless/IPWireless P1C USB Modem Drivers for Linux”
  1. aaron says:

    hi, i am begineer using ubuntu and i am trying to get it connected to the internet using woosh. i have tried using the commands on but it still doesn’t work for me. i really need your help. thank you very much.

  2. roelf says:

    Aaron, those instructions appear to be for the Ethernet based IPWireless modem. If you are using the USB based device you may need to alter your /etc/ppp/peers/woosh file to use the TTY.

    You can look at the information included on the ubuntuforums, e.g.

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