mixtape v1

So, in the spirit of mixtapes and a tribute to an era gone by (me being the owner of a nightclub for around 7 years, waves at jwz) here is a release of my first ever really amateur attempt at digital mixing.

Listening to it now feels like a blast from the past, similar to Back to The Future and other things from many years ago. I cannot believe that so many years have passed.

In the last 15 years only I’ve transitioned from student hacker-and-demo-coder, stock trading support biatch ex-nightclub owner, a dot-com bubble-ee, semi-professional gamer,  co-owner of a  shiny  failed  company, game developer,  broadband activist, linux kernel contributor, start-up panic-ee,  disenfranchised minority shareholder, management-buy-out-ee,  and as of a few weeks ago the proud dad of an 9 year old aspergers geek.

What a trip.

Hence, wayback mixtape v1.

Hi recording companies! I claim fair use.
My club paid those fucking RISA extortionist fees when we were running, even though 90% of the music we played was not on your “artists lists”. Muppets.
The songs:
Author: roelf on March 27, 2011
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