Legends – A spiritual successor to Tribes2

I’m one of the developers behind a game called Legends. Legends started out as a project to be what Tribes2, and Tribes1 never was, and then, it grew completely out of control. I’m officially the Linux port-monkey, and general “plumbing” coder for Legends.

Legends was made possible by the awesome people of Dynamix, who got shut down by Sierra. The lead developers then started a company called GarageGames, which licenses the Torque (ala Tribes2) game engine to developers for the meagre sum of $100.

That’s the best deal you can get for _any_ kind of game engine. Tribes1, and Tribes2 were well known for their excellent network code, and engine. Besides that, the engine has an open scripting interface, and runs on Linux, AppleMacintosh, and Win32.

To checkout, Legends go to http://www.legendsthegame.net/

Contributions are welcome. We need more sound specifically. The game is currently at no 9 on the HappyPenguin rankings, and is well known amongst the Gentoo crowd, and loved elsewhere.

Author: roelf on November 19, 2006
Category: Game Development
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