Joburg is nasty

You know, I get kind of miserable when I look at blokes like Joe’s life, and pictures and his daily routine that he so succinctly posts to his blog, every damn week.

Joburg is miserable in comparison. Alternatively, I just need to figure how  Joe does to have it so neatly. 4HWW ? I wish…

Let me summarize my work week, and then we compare with Joe:

Monday: Getup, work, get home ~6:30pm, have dinner, chat with Vincenzia. exhausted, Sleep.

Tuesday: Getup, work, get home ~7:30pm, have cold dinner, brief chat, exhausted, Sleep.

Wednesday: Getup, drop Ruben at school, meetings at work, problems with crap, get home ~6:45pm, chat, exhausted, Sleep.

Thursday: See the pattern ?

Friday: Get up, have usual Friday braai at office, interrupted by problems, get home ~5:30, go out for sushi in Rosebank @ Tsunami, and then crash for sleep.

Saturday: Wake up late, make breakfast, take Ruben bowling in Rosebank, plan next steampunk invention.

Sunday: Wake up late, play “Wallace and Gromit” on the Xbox for an entire day with Ruben, braai late afternoon, crash, sleep.

Monday, rinse, repeat.

The reality is that Joburg is a very “un-exciting” place to live. I can count on my hands the few fun things to do (granted I’m not easily entertained), but there is a distinct lack of natural beauty and fun things to do.  I stay in Greenside, in a leafy, calm suburb. But really, when I leave home there’s not that much else to do. No beautiful vistas. No awesome picnics.

This is largely because everyone’s just too crap scared to actually go outside or do anything, I think. A walk at Emmarentia Dam a mere kilometer from my home, could cost you your cellphone, wallet and potentially your life.

Wtf.  I wanna *cry* sometimes. Should I look for  for a life in Silicon Mountain?

Author: roelf on May 23, 2009
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