Musical Education: revisited

Joachim Witt. If it’s the only new artist to ever get introduced into your limited repertoire… Ever. Please, just listen to him. I can’t directly link to the man’s music, nor do want to “induce you” to download  it. But buying just him, is a mission impossible.

But worth it.

I have a taste for German Neue Deutsche Harte,  Bauhaus, and   Architecture… And Joachim Witt is simply where it all started, musically, and genre-wise.  I  will not comment about the german girls playin guitar, since there is no need. It “augments”.

On top of the usual video artistry (did Anton Corbijn direct this video?) ,  Joachim Witt is a master of song, reinvention across decades, a depiction of reality, and a whimsical reflection upon the 80’s, life and 42.

Amongst my genre-favortite bands such as Rammstein, Kraftwerk, and Oomph, and Wolfsheim you will find that Joachim Witt has been the “grandfather”. The literal inventor of NDH. You may want to listen to the REALLY 80’s versions of the songs, and reflect where German NDH has come from and where it’s gone.

Joachim Witt tracks to search for:

1. Batallion D’amour
2. Goldener Reiter
3.  Weh-Oh-Weh.

I used to directly link  to  my “” which had some samples and a wiki-like description of my “Musical Education”  pages before, but all it got me was take-down notices. Funny that I can link to the youtube video’s without problems…

I’m sure that 90% of the bands  I used to “educate” people  with  would have actually appreciated the attention.

Oh well. Welcome to new-age media. Where the artist wins… Or NOT.

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