Installing Linux, from Linux

So, after yet *another* firewall HDD failure, I ended up with systemrescuecd booted from a USB stick on my firewall, because I just needed something to run an FS repair with.

Yeah I was silly, I should have gotten the debian-live rescue CD, and followed my own instructions to recover and just “gotten it on with”, but you know how these things go.

So, systemrescuecd didn’t really help in the end, and the fucking HDD was blown to shit as usual, so cue another reinstallation.

Except I thought “well, I’ve got this linux running now already, from sysrescuecd, lets install Debian, from Linux” right ? I mean… “_How_ hard can it be ?”

Well, I really liked my old debootstrap method, but sysrescuecd is Gentoo based, and thus I had to start fiddling with “emerge”. ¬†Well, emerge sucks, and after half updating it’s cache, it had eaten all the ramdisk that was available on the live-cd, and thus everything from there was “FAIL”…

So I simply wget’ed the deboostrap package and moved on from there

ar -x debootstrap_1.0.26+squeeze1_all.deb
tar xvfz data.tar.gz
DEBOOTSTRAP_DIR=./usr/share/debootstrap/ ./usr/sbin/debootstrap --arch amd64 squeeze /mnt

Then follow the rest of the instructions from my old instructions and get a shiny new debian, replacing “lenny” with “squeeze”, or whatever blows your hair back.


Author: roelf on February 16, 2012
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