Accessing the internals of an iBurst UTD

I would have put a disclaimer here. But if you break your iBurst modem you have only yourself to blame, so no disclaimer. This was posted on the MyADSL forums, and people wanted to keep it secret, for fear of dimwits breaking their modems. Realistically, what difference is it going to make?

It is possible to telnet into you iBurst UT-D. Its quite simple:

* Connect UT-D via ethernet cable
* Set your ethernet connections’ IP to
You can also do this by simply adding an additional IP under the “Advanced Tab” under TCP/IP properties, if you don’t feel like changing your main IP.
* Open a command prompt (Start->Run->cmd.exe) Then type:

telnet 1234

If everything went well you should see a prompt from the UTD. If your networking is *incorrectly* configured, you will see a message saying “Connecting To… and it will appear to freeze there. Check everything again, if that’s the case.

!At the UTD prompt:
* Type “rfScan debug 2”, without the quotes. Hit enter.
* You will be presented with the base station # and the signal strength in dB and the distance and load of the BS.
* Once you are done type “rfScan debug 0”
* Kill the telnet session.

You should technically just be able to reboot the UTD too, to disable the debug mode.

Author: roelf on December 27, 2007
Category: Reverse Engineering
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