How to get a VOX Phone not to use ADSL

So, recently Vox Telecom released their Viral Marketing based Voice over IP service late this year.

Their standard VOIP phone is a nifty device, based on the Thomson SpeedTouch 7G device, incorporating a DECT Phone, Wireless Router (Broadcom based) and also an ADSL modem.

My problem is – I have a neat Linux-based ADSL setup already, and didn’t really want to use the VOX phone as my ADSL to Ethernet Bridge (I have my reasons).

After some reverse engineering, it turns out, that using the CLI interface of the router, it can be convinced to not use it’s own ADSL connection as the upstream towards the VOX sip service. Instead it can be forced to use the “LAN” ethernet ports and by simply doing a bit of route adding, and forcing the voice service to use the LAN interface, the phone can happily work with Vox’s service across some other internet gateway.

Caveat Emptor: Of course, you have to be sure that your Internet gateway supports the proper QoS, otherwise the VOX service will suffer. And please, don’t call VOX’s support if you’re having problems with this kinda config. It is (and rightfully so) an unsupported configuration.

You will need to do all the NAT Traversal bits, and cleverness for this to work too, which is beyond the capability of your regular user – so, again. Consider it “unsupported”.

That said it still works…

Here’s the configuration

ip ipadd intf=LocalNetwork addr=
ip rtadd dst= gateway= intf=LocalNetwork
dns client dnsadd addr=
dns server config WANDownSpoofing=disabled
dns server route add dns= intf=LocalNetwork
voice config intf=LocalNetwork
system config defaultconnection=LocalNetwork
config save filename=user

Author: roelf on December 26, 2007
Category: Reverse Engineering
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  1. Gordon says:

    Hi Roelf,

    I tried this config and can get the vox router to go via my laptop which provides the PPPOE connection for my iBurst, for just internet only! no telephony. The vox router won’t register the phone no. no firewalls on etc.

    any ideas??

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