DataPro are one of the best ISP’s in South Africa, in my opinion. They really seem to  care about their staff and that is something I have to respect. Certainly keeps one motivated.

I’ve been hosting, and dealing with them for well over 4 years now, and I have never had anything but awesome service from them. Even when we were arranging a Europe — Britain game of Tribes2,  they  went to the trouble of reprioritizing their traffic, and assuring us the best ping times for .za vs .uk. They were even prepared to let us use their offices to reduce any possible latency.

They’re also the first people in South Africa that came out with an industrial grade UNCAPPED ADSL product, including a firewall, and 16 hours support per month.

All I can say, is that in my opinion DataPro will go a long way. Their MD Doug Reed  is approachable, knowledgeable and friendly, and their technical staff are comitted.

Plus, they have one of the most beautiful hosting facilities I’ve seen in my life. 😉

Rock on DataPro.

Author: roelf on November 19, 2006
Category: Business
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