CLI Download managers

I’ve always been partial to Prozilla, as a useful Linux download manager, since it’s multithreaded, and does file resume pretty well.

Then, it sort of became “out of debian tree” due to licensing or some such, and I switched to “axel” which is a pretty decent multithreaded downloader too.

I’ve now switched to LFTP, since it allows me to mirror http/ftp directories with a single command, which is my typical use case. Here you are mister downloadmanager: “an url” — now fetch!

LFTP however doesn’t multithread by default: It requires some magic;

set pget:default-n 5
set mirror:use-pget-n 5

Add these lines to ~/.lftprc or enter them at the lftp: ~> prompt.

Why aren’t these defaults?

Author: roelf on February 26, 2012
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