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FrozByte posted a link to some really neat chip songs the other day. (Red Light is still my favorite)

In a fit of nostalgia, I was trawling my .mod collection and came across some really good old school chip songs.

1.) Global Trash 3 v2, by Jesper Kyd. 4 channel, 8 bit.

This is from the seminal Amiga demo called “Hardwired”

We used the same tune in “The Joint Hackers'” ¬†first attempt at .demo as well. I think Wayne replaced some of the samples.

It’s quite clear from the raw talent in this simple track, as to why Jesper has become quite successful.


2.) KernKraft 400 by Zombie Nation

The video is awesomely terribly kitch, and the action in the song only starts at 0:48.

But this song was an instant floor killer. It also became the stadium song in the USA for many a football match. Check out for some of the many remixes.

Note, that in typical house techno style you will need serious bass to enjoy the chip generated sine waves.

This song is probably one of the few reasons why I would resort to tappetness, and apply an aftermarket sound system to my Mercedes.

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