2015 July


 My very last call to Telkom

July 6, 2015



Today, I cheerfully made what was hopefully my very last call to Telkom’s 10210 non-service centre. It took 35 minutes for someone to answer my call and 10 minutes to slowly (sorry sir, the system is slow) cancel both my residential ADSL services. I cancelled my two 6mbps (paid for 10mbps) lines that I’ve been line-bonding for years in order to achieve a smell of broadband just a smidgeon under 11Mbps.

The reason I cancelled both lines today, is because I got 100mbps uncapped Fibre from Vumatel, and Cool ISP (cisp.co.za) this past Friday.

It has only taken 15 years for decent Broadband to come to suburban South Africa. No thanks to any government institution for that. They have done everything in their power to hamper the private internet service provision industry in South Africa.


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  1. Iwan says:

    Dude, give me a call. Iwan: 0727358037.