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 vodafail summary

July 24, 2012

Following RPM’s article on the topic: here is a summary link farm for the visitors.

It started with the rebranding: http://rodent.za.net/vodacom-discovering-old-fail-with-red/

Then, trying to do some things on my account: http://rodent.za.net/i-forgot-what-was-the-point-of-this-website-again/

And again: http://rodent.za.net/the-daily-vodacom-red-fail/

And again: http://rodent.za.net/vodacom-wake-the-fsk-up-please/

Worse and worse, over the course of 12 months.


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 vod, or music can not has, or caught in the act ?

July 17, 2012

No, not Video on Demand, but the Voice of Destruction’s “Caught in the Act”.

Part of where my love for chip-music mixed with elements of the industrial genre comes from. The song rocks.

Here comes the sad part.


I have the song — the original — on a double compilation album called “Industrial Revolution”

Observe the sad face…




However, I kinda like the Digital Dance Mix that’ is available on a different compilation too! A rare copy of which  you can LISTEN to, for example on Grooveshark, on the “Industrial Madness 3” compilation.

So, I can buy it yes! YAY!

From amazon MP3, or iTunes. I get out the credit card. I’m not allowed to purchase this mp3 in my country. What? -Blink- ? I’m probably the only person that’s been interested in this fucking song in 5 years!

I will make it my life’s mission to find a pirate copy of this particular MP3 and publicly post it here you fuckwit, numbskulled record industry dumbfucks.

On the same awesome Industrial Revolution album however, was Throbbing Gristle, which later became Psychic TV. A fantastic song called “Hot on the heels of love”

Copies of which, Amazon MP3 will happily furnish me with, at $0.83. Unfortunately, I have it already, on said double CD.

Did I mention the dimwit dumbfuck skullduggery of record labels yet ?

So, to summarize I’ll leave you with The Revolting Cocks, which is pretty much how the music industry can be summarized.

Good times.

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 Holy cow

July 13, 2012

I just found this picture again

Ruben has now officially been computing for nearly 8 years. He was around two in this picture, and playing Tribes 2 !

The beer, I believe is mine. I think.

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  1. The beer next to him is far more telling 😉 — Like father like son — appreciating the finer things in life!

  2. roelf says:

    [2012/07/13 03:14:54 AM] Roelf Diedericks: check out this picture: http://rodent.za.net/files/galleries/cleanup/IM000282.sized.jpg
    [2012/07/13 11:06:40 AM] ruben diedericks: ok
    [2012/07/13 11:07:39 AM] ruben diedericks: whos is it
    [2012/07/13 11:11:35 AM] ruben diedericks: it is me??
    [2012/07/13 11:11:47 AM] ruben diedericks: heehehe


 Lucyfire – Annabel Lee

Sometimes a song is just so good that you have to give the middle finger to copyright enthusiasts. But hey, maybe because I’m now a “radio station” it’s ok ? I’m “streaming this”, and thus am now a legitimate “radio” right ?

Make no mistake, I think artists deserve the money that is due them. It’s just that whenever I even mentioned the word “mp3” on my website, I’ve had visits by the thought police. Namely some record label that thinks that the free advertising and glowing reviews I’m giving the fringe bands I review on this website is somehow damaging. Of course, serving out an MP3 to support the argument is a no-no, but a Youtube video is somehow OK ?

This caused the eventual shutdown of my “musical education” section — a topic on which I have blogged voraciously. The time has thus come once again to provide the middle finger.

Anyway! Lucyfire’s Annabel Lee, is the shit. Here for your high fidelity pleasure — press the button. I have cunningly hidden it within a .xspf file, which then refers to an MP3, and thus, I am ALL LEGIT! Since if you manually read the .xspf file and then download the song, then you are circumventing my broadcasting mechanism, and then I am no longer liable, hint hint. So just press the play button below.

Lyrics (the correct ones)

It feels like masturbation
It feels like a rubber maid
When all I ever need is first aid

It fees like walking a straight line
With a cloven hoof
After hundred liquid proof

Who will be my Annabel Lee
Be my Annabel Lee
Be the one loved by me

It feels like a good old friend
Like plastic surgery
In this stinking surrogate country

It tastes like powder milk
You’re biting your own tail
However damned hard you try you fail

Who will be my Annabel Lee
Be my Annabel Lee
Be the one loved by me

Finally if you want, observe the live performance (audio is a bit out of sync)


Lucyfire reminds me so much of the Sisters of Mercy, and aside from some corny lyrics here and there, I actually think it’s better.

Mistress of the Night, is just as brilliant a song.

We’re here to see you dance and
We’re here to get in trance when
Red lights are burning bright and
You’re the mistress of the night

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