2011 August


 Nick Cave Embdedded

August 30, 2011

I’m just posting a bunch of really cool Nick Cave videos embedded into my site, so that the muppets from VEVO, and the rights holders don’t get to show me an utter bunch of nonsense.

Like “Rihanna Cheers, [Drink To That]” when you’re watching a Nick Cave video! The gall of it!

It really spoils the entire experiencel… Just click on the “Watch on Youtube” to see the “youtube commercial” effect, and how disgustingly disparaging it is to the artist.


Henry Lee

I did it for me. Cause it’s easier for me to post an embedded video on my own site, that skips all the crap “tinsel” on Youtube.

Can you imagine it … ? Rihanna next to Nick Cave. No wonder the record industry is conking out. They clearly have no clue, and have completely disconnected with their audience.

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 Facebook in 3:36

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 ISLabs reboot?

August 5, 2011

In March this year,  I complained about how ISLabs seemed to have become defunct, and had become a haven for spam comments.

A few weeks later some of it was cleaned up.

But it seems that now ISLabs has completely rebooted ?

No more content at all, all ye olde stuff be-gone, and it pretty much appears to be a reset of the original drupal installation? It’s a pity. I believe in the durability of web content (except of course, for spam).

I hate it when URL’s disappear. Of course, part of the reason I think it’s disappeared is because people like Justin Spratt are no longer tending to these things, and thus the drive is gone.

Oh well. All things come to an end I guess. /me listens to the rustling of the leaves.


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