2011 January


 Stunning economic revelation

January 25, 2011

One of the interviewees for a new position at the SABC board made this stunning economic revelation that I feel compelled to implement today.

The highly-qualified Makhesha, who told members she had completed her MBA and then progressed towards a doctorate in business administration, including a stint at Harvard University in the United States, currently serves as a senior executive in the local forestry industry.

Responding to questions, she told the committee she believed the SABC had the potential to be financially self-sustaining.

“[But] they need to go back to the basics.”

The corporation had huge potential. Among other things, what it needed to do was look at all the companies currently not using the SABC for their advertising.

“And sell to them, don’t wait for them to approach you.”

I simply cannot believe that this fundamental principle has “escaped” me for so long.  I am going to go out tomorrow and…


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 Why does European music attract ?

January 19, 2011

Because it has a message. And it’s intelligent.

Whilst I love Jack Parow, and Die Antwoord for the fun they are and the fun they create — it’s going to take a lot for them to make my heart sing, feel, and emote like this song does.

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