2009 April


 Differentiated service billing – why isn’t everyone doing this ?

April 21, 2009

I’ve been in networking, and at the bad end of Traffic Limits all my life. This is simply a by-product of living in South Africa, and Telkom’s stranglehold on the local market and the way in which they sell their services.

Imagine the following:

1. A service over Telkom ADSL that charges you different rates for Local or International usage, on the same CAP. 1GB suddenly becomes 10GB local-only traffic.

2. A service over Telkom ADSL that allows you to do pop3 for free?

3. A service over Telkom ADSL that allows you to play games on local servers, and limits you to 64kbps international so that you can still authenticate with your favorite game ? The local bandwidth tho, doesn’t cost you a cent!

4. A service where local uploads are free? Torrents that you seed from a specific port (e.g. 6668) will only ever use local bandwidth, and the said local bandwidth is free? Backup your PC’s to your ISP’s storage system – for FREE.

5. A service where you get a free static IP address ?

6. A service where you can use your 2Gig cap at a rate of 1 byte per byte during the day, but at night, your rate is 1/tenth the price of the daytime traffic ?

7. A combination of all of the above?

How many permutations are possible!.

Endless. And it can be done. Watch this space.

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